ES Rapture.jpeg

"Powerful, Heroic Orchestral Music"

Rapture has been released by Evolving Sound, featuring ‘Delicate Truth’.

“Recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Rapture is a treasure chest of rousing, inspiring and heroic orchestral trailer-tracks.  Ranging from moody and understated through emotional and melancholic to rampant and bombastic.  10 composers, combined with some of the best musicians in the world, and one of LA’s leading film-score mixers have delivered 13 tracks of stunning dramatic music.  Honed and refined for modern theatrical promotion, but also highly suitable for dramatic TV production and other dynamic media, it features tracks by (among others) Alex Baranowski, Jules Bromley, Nik Amar & Mike Reed, Stephen Baysted, Ian Dolamore, and Stephan Fischer.”